The house for hawaiian culture

The house for hawaiian culture

Welcome to the HALE ALOHA, the house for hawaiian culture! And welcome to the 'OHANA (family/community) of all who love Hawai'i and its culture! Wolderful that you made it here!

The HALE ALOHA in Felde near Kiel makes its business to bring the best of the hawaiian and polynesian culture to (Northern) Germany and to enhance the cultural exchange between Hawai'i and Germany.
We're sorry that at the moment just a few sites are translated to english. But we work on it...


  • The websites are completely new designed and updated. You find new sites when you scroll with the mouse over the menue at the top. Enjoy!
  • The Windpferd-Verlag just published the german version of the MANA-Cards.
    You find more informationen when you klick 
  • In the current issue (September/Oktober) of the journal "Bewusster Leben" you find an article written from Andrea Anakalia Wintzer about the LOMI LOMI-Massage:
    "Listening with the hands".
  • At october 3rd 2006 (10pm-6am) there is an apple-festival on the Obsthof Neufresenburg (Bad Oldesloe). Organizer is "ALOHA - Raum für Begegnung". You can buy wonderful oils and gems there and all products from the Hawai'i-Shop .
  • There are new dates for everyone who wants to dance HULA or who want to learn to fly .

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HALE means "house" in the hawaiian language.

And ALOHA is one of the most wonderful words in the world. It is used to say "hello", but it means also "love" or "share the breath". But when you look inside you find a complete world, because every character has a deeper meaning:

A - AHONUI: patience, expressed with perseverance
L  - LOKAHI: unity, expressed with harmony
O - 'OLU'OLU: peaceableness, expressed with kindness
H - HA'AHA'A: humbleness, expressed with modesty
A - AKAHAI: friendliness, expressed with softness

The people on the hawaiian islands (that are often called paradise) live the so-called "ALOHA-Spirit", the spirit of being loving and appreciate to each other.

We want to connect you with this feeling. You are invited to get to know a little bit from this paradise on earth and to open up to its healing powers! In the HALE ALOHA you find some of the best of Hawai'i and Polynesia and you can allow yourself to have a short break here - to rejuvenate body and soul.

Relax your soul and your body while having a two hours long LOMI LOMI-Massage. You can open up all your senses and experience dissociation, relaxation and security. And when you feel so touched from this work that you want to practice it by yourself, you can also do a training .

While dancing HULA you connect in a soft way with yourself and your body again. Hawaiian music guides you to another world. (ATTENTION: From october 2006 every first sunday in the month is HULA-Day.)

Try your wings with KA LELE (Flying). This soft and strong meditation in motion creates inner balance, strengthens your connection to your heart and changes your perception.

Learn HO'OPONOPONO to bring the relationship with yourself and your fellow men in harmony again. Learn about the wisdom and force of the MANA and get to know what achievements the Polynesians did in Navigation long times ago. And you are welcome to look around in our 'OHANA ! 

Or do you want to see Hawai'i by yourself? Then come with us on a journey !

COME AND JOIN US! The house of ALOHA is open for you!


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