The house for hawaiian culture

The paradise in the pacific ocean

"We share the belief of many ancestors, residents and visitors that the Island of Hawai`i is a special place of healing. The Polynesians traveled thousands of miles over open sea to find Hawai`i. What drew these brave people across the ocean? Legend suggests that powerful seers among them envisioned this paradise in the North Pacific before setting sail. Their knowledge drew them to a place in which the spirit of lokahi encourages peace and restoration, as the volcanoes' power fuels possibilities for creative synthesis. Today people journey from around the world to experience the rejuvenating energy of the Island and the cultural blend of East and West within the deeply rooted Hawaiian traditions of its original settlers.."

The island chain Hawai'i is on of the most remote places in the world. Thousands of kilometers away from any continent there lie eight islands in the middle of the pacific ocean, a few degrees of latitude north of the equator. Most of the islands chain of the whole island are just uninhabitable rocks. It goes across the whole north pacific.

The reason why Hawai'i is there is by an geololical coincedence: On the place of the Big Islands there is a stationary "Hot Spot", that transports magma from the earths inside to the surface. Like a blowpipe it burns holes in the pacific oceanic crust that moves slowly over it. Huge amounts of magma come out and so islands rise even there where the ocean is five kilometers deep. 

The island chain Hawai'i-Inselkette from space

Hawai'i has its own way to steal the heart of a visitor. It might be the climate: at the coast you have temperatures around 30 celsius the whole year round and it is cooled lightly by a nice Passat breeze. It might be the ocean: it is cristal clear and warm, full of colorful fishes, turtles, whales and dolphins and it has the best surfing waves in the world. It might be the people: a mixture of races from around the world who live together peaceful in the spirit of ALOHA and who are very friendly. It might be the landscape: three quarters if all climate zones in the world you find on Hawai'i. Tropical rainforests, deserts, warm beaches with white, black, green and red sands and over 4000 meters high mountains. It might be the volcano: The fire goddess Pele runs one of the most active volcanoes of the earth here - but nowhere else the observation of the lava is so safe as it on Hawai'i.

The HALE ALOHA wants to put over some of the fascination, history and magic of Hawai'i. You find lectures and articles about the islands and the navigation methods of the Polynesian people and about themes from culture and history. And it is possible also the get to know this paradise personally.

The journeys to Hawai'i offered by the HALE ALOHA are different from the "usual" travel products. In little groups we want to communicate the culture and nature of the islands so to you like the "normal" tourist doesn't see it. An unforgettable experience!

The active Pu'u O'o-crater at the slope of Mauna Kea

Who can't or doesn't want to go so far away at the moment it very welcome for a short break in Felde: for an exchange while drinking a cup of tea or Kona-coffee, for a LOMI LOMI Massage, for a workshop in dancing HULA or to learn the meditation in movement KA LELE or for a consultation in HO'OPONOPONO, the method to resolve conflicts.

E komo mai - you're welcome!