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To balance what isn't harmonic (anymore)

HO'OPONOPONO means "to put something right" or "to adjust something". It comes from the words HO'O, "do something" and PONO, "balance, be in harmony". This technique is very old and has deep roots in the hawaiian culture. "Before sunset ask for forgiveness" they say.

Basically that is what HO'OPONOPONO is about: you forgive others and - even more important - you forgive yourself. That means you heal the relationship with yourself and the relationship with other people.

This easy to learn and powerful method of conflict resolution is the foundation of the ALOHA principle and therefor of all hawaiian (healing) methods. Because when you are not clear with yourself or your fellow people or with your situation it is impossible to accept someone else with real respect and love. And the five ALOHA-principles AHONUI (patience), LOKAHI (unity), 'OLU'OLU (peaceableness), HA'AHA'A (humbleness) und AKAHAI (friendliness) are also just to experience on the foundation of a harmonic being.

You can practice HO'OPONOPONO alone, as a couple or in groups. In hawaiian familys was and is it tradition to sit together in the evenings and to reflect the happenings of the day. If there were dissonances the things were "made right" with HO'OPONOPONO again. So there harmony in relationships is maintained - for island communities this is a vital neccessity.

Additional the spirit and the body relax. Because of this you do something real worthy for the health when you practice HO'OPONOPONO regulary - for your own health and for the health of the people that are near to you.

"...and the secret part is that you practice HO'OPONOPONO before the sun geos down, you serach your heart. HO'OPONOPONO meaning we empty all ourselves and ask for forgiveness before the sun goes down. You can't go to sleep with a troubles mind or troubled heart. You feel good because you're open minded... Do it as a family. Always gather together on a lau hala mat and pray. It was in our family every day. It was beautiful... Every day with my family, every day you ask for forgiveness. So your blood vessels open, your nerves open, your muscles open, you relax. Don't worry. I never worry."
(Auntie Margaret Machado) 

There are a lot of facettes in the unusual method. It was decribed as "the most effective method to solve conflicts that any culture has developed". If you are interested to learn  HO'OPONOPONO please get in contact with us. In the HALE ALOHA you can have a consultation.